Tuesday 9 May 2023

B1G1: Introducing Green Levy

Moving Venue are dedicated to creating a more sustainable events and hospitality industry. As part of our commitment to truly delivering sustainable events, we are proud to introduce our Green Levy. Together we will continue our goal of delivering exceptional events whilst limiting the effects on the environment; ‘impact without impact’.



Moving Venue aim to cater exceptional events with as little impact on our environment as possible. Delivering ‘Impact without Impact’ by addressing the responsible use of local resources, the integrity of our supply chain, developing our people from within, the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and clients, as well as minimising any effect that we can have on the environment. Moving Venue are dedicated to creating a more sustainable events and hospitality industry.


We are delighted to launch our Green Levy, an optional £0.50 charge per guest, added to each event proposal. Our clients, therefore, have the ability to contribute towards offsetting their event’s carbon emissions and donating to global causes through B1G1, an impactful global giving movement, with different worthy causes supported each quarter. The impacts can be accessed on a live dashboard on our website which tallies the effects of client support.


Since becoming a partner of B1G1 in March of this year, we have already supported a number of causes such as supplying a year’s worth of sanity products and sexual awareness education to 85 girls in Kenya. Moving Venue’s Green Levy, our newest addition to our Sustainability pledge offers our clients to incorporate CSR and environmental efforts into their event easily and effectively and means we can continue to work with our clients to truly deliver sustainable events.

If you have any questions about our Green Levy, please contact your sales manager or send an enquiry to green@smartgroupltd.co.uk. Please note that this levy can be removed at the client’s request.

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