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Monday 6 June 2022

Best of British Wines

As English wines becoming increasingly popular among our clients, here we share some of our favourites with you. Cheers!

Beautiful British wines

Sustainability is now a top priority for many of our clients, and with that we have seen an ever-growing demand for local wines to be on offer at our events. Vast improvements have been made when it comes to the taste of British wines over the years, making them increasingly popular. Plus, with reduced miles involved in sourcing the wine, it became clear that it would be key for us to offer a more extensive list of British wines.

Here we share our favourites and give you a taste of the best Britain has to offer.

Our top picks

Hindleap Seyval Blanc Sparkling

Bluebell Vineyard Estates, East Sussex, 2018

Made in a similar fashion to Champagne, although this wine undergoes almost twice the amount of lees ageing. The elongated second fermentation develops a more complex and deeper flavour character. “The 2018 has a great nutty, bready quality, but with less bottle ageing this is much fresher and more fruit forward.” Hindleap is from the Bluebell Vineyard Estates, made of 100% Seyval Blanc grape. It is vegan friendly and a light bodied sparkling, a true people pleaser to kick your event off in style.

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée

West Sussex, MV

This is one of, if not the, most popular English Sparkling Wines out there at the moment. ‘MV’ means multi-vintage, (not Moving Venue sadly) which means exactly the same as NV (non-vintage we see most commonly on Champagne). Made using the three Champagne grapes Pinot Meunier (35%), Pinot Noir (35%) and Chardonnay (30%) the wine has fresh notes of green apple and pear, and a subtle biscuit character. They are now using sustainable growing methods and are working towards their full accreditation which makes it a fantastic all-rounder.

Ashdown Bacchus

Bluebell Vineyard Estates, East Sussex, 2020

A crisp light bodied unoaked white wine from the producers who brought you the wonderful Hindleap sparkling, this is made with 100% Bacchus grape. We tasted this during our own wine tasting and were all very excited about it. Bacchus is essentially the UK’s version of Sauvignon Blanc, it is aromatic with floral notes, and fresh and acidic – making it a brilliant pairing for food. The Bacchus grape shares its name with the Roman god of agriculture, wine, and fertility, which is then translated to Dionysus in ancient Greek religion which is a great ice breaker fact for your guests!

Penruddocke's Pinot Noir

a'Becketts Vineyard, Wiltshire, 2018

A very fresh and fruity red, this Pinot Noir does not disappoint and is the most versatile English red wine we’ve found. It can easily be matched with most foods or simply just as an apéritif . It is dry and has notes of bright cherry and bramble fruit on the nose with the palate laden with rich red fruit. Our very own wine expert from Ellis Wines, George adds “There was a time when English producers tried to make bolder wines, but it looks like we’ve finally stopped kidding ourselves, and are now making wines more in line with the Burgundians and Alsatians. I’d recommend serving it chilled, and can go well with white meats, meatier fish, pork, lamb … actually anything really.”

We can’t wait for you to try these delicious new wines on our menu and share them with your guests at your next Moving Venue event.

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