Monday 30 January 2023

Steps Towards an Even Greener Future

From our MD, Chloe Jackson being appointed on the board of Isla, to sustainable and seasonal food selections alongside offsetting our carbon emissions, Moving Venue are taking a very serious stance on becoming a green group!

Trade Bodies

Following the launch of Isla, Chloe Jackson, Managing Director of the Smart Group, has been appointed as an Advisory Board member of the organisation. This will mean that Chloe has a ‘seat at the table’ and can influence the organisation’s development. By working with Isla, we are able to use their ‘Trace’ platform to accurately establish and monitor the carbon footprint of our menus, both pre and post-event. We are also able to offer clients the opportunity to offset the carbon emission of their event. Though there are many ways of doing this, recently we have offered clients the opportunity to work in partnership with us and the National Trust by planting a tree for every guest in attendance to meet their target of establishing 20 million trees by 2030.

Seasonal Produce

Seasonality is naturally a key way to make your event catering ‘greener’. British and seasonal ingredients are carefully considered and utilised throughout our menus. Our team actively promote an education of clients to utilise British products where possible, so that we can all work together to reduce air freight and road miles.

Food Recycling

Reducing food waste is also incredibly important to us, so we work closely with food recycling companies such as Felix Project, Fare Share, Plan Zheroes and Olio to upcycle any pre-packaged and fresh ingredients and items in a safe manner. We also recently invested in ‘Chef’s Eye‘ to give us a greater insight into our food waste post-event. We hope that with this knowledge we can encourage clients to choose a realistic amount of food for their guests, rather than being overly plentiful and wasteful.

Top sustainable caterers by Hire Space

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve been named in The Top Sustainable Caterers For Greener Events as written by Hirespace.


Sustainable Catering

Sustainability has always been a key focus for us and it’s something we’re looking to improve on year on year, even month on month. Find out what else Moving Venue are doing or have done to help the planet.

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