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Tuesday 30 August 2022

The Sunflower

An update on our pledge to support Action Against Hunger’s Ukraine Appeal. The dessert has been served to almost 2,000 guests this season, and we’re thrilled to donate to such an important cause.

The Sunflower

Lemon Madeleine sponge, lemon cremeux, sunflower praline, toasted sunflower, rice crispy sable.

Development of this delicious dessert began in January 2022. Over the following months, our pastry team worked on development to match the wonderful flavours, colours and textures to create the exceptional dessert our guests have been enjoying all summer. Built from a variety of elements, this dessert takes days to create, with layer on layer of flavour. Taking inspiration from French desserts, the madeleine sponge sits deliciously alongside a lemon mousse – a delightful pairing. The gorgeous exterior is set to wow guests, with the vibrant yellow colour and the finishing of marigold petals, gold flakes and toasted sunflowers.

The Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and in March 2022, we made a pledge to support Action Against Hunger’s Ukraine Appeal, by making a donation to the cause. Alongside the donation, we pledged to donate a further £1.00 on behalf of each guest, for each event that chooses to serve this delicious dessert.

Introduced at our exclusive Spring Summer Menu Tasting event held at Illuminate earlier this year, this dessert became an instant favourite with the guests. Over the Summer, we have been delighted to serve The Sunflower at a variety of events and the dessert has been enjoyed by over 2,000 guests, with another 500 guests to come. As pledged in March, £1.00 will be donated for each of these guests to the appeal, and we are thrilled to have donated to such a wonderful cause.

We intend to keep the dish on our Autumn / Winter menus and will continue our pledge to an important cause. If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can pledge via Action Against Hunger’s website here. We will be sure to update you on the final donation amount later this year.



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