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Thursday 20 May 2021

Welcoming Back Our Team

How our team have kept themselves busy over the last year

Like many others across the events industry, Moving Venue and Smart Group tried to navigate the best path forward for their teams throughout the last year. Through the Furlough scheme, sabbaticals, and other methods, we have managed to retain a large percentage of staff. The loyalty our teams have shown has been remarkable and we are all thoroughly looking forward to our colleagues returning ready for a busy Autumn and Winter.

Many of the team have taken up a variety of roles over the last year and we have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about them. Katie Carter, Senior Event Planner, was keen to do something that kept her busy as well as being able to contribute to the community. A keen equestrian enthusiast, Katie helped her local stables by exercising and providing essential care for their horses during lockdown. She also applied for a job at a local supermarket as well as signing up to be a First Responders volunteer. A few months in, Katie began working with clients on both freelance marketing and project management, which has gone from strength to strength and taught her so much in a short space of time. This was followed by a short-term contract at an arts institution. Amongst the work, there has been time for education too and alongside courses in marketing, project management, diversity, and inclusion to name just a few, Katie has completed WSET training in both spirits and wines as well as first aid. Katie has said ‘Whilst I had not anticipated having so many roles over the past year, I am very humbled and grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded and the experiences I have been able to seize.’.

Bethany Dare, Venue Catering Manager, has also had various jobs over the last year that have ranged from dog-walking and operating a rapid Covid testing centre to being a Hostess at a bar and experiencing the world of TV and film catering. Bethany has found juggling the many jobs a fantastic challenge and is not dissimilar to juggling multiple clients or events at once! She has also found that, if you put yourself out there, many people are willing to take the risk on you within an industry you do not necessarily have experience in.

Many other people in the team had similarly experiences; Paige Norman, Senior Event Sales Manager, is a hugely experienced members of the team however, she will be the first to admit, she has never pulled a pint! Therefore, she did not hold much hope when applying for job in a pub however, her local took a chance and we are delighted that she mastered pulling the perfect pint! From changing a barrel to dealing with ever-changing lockdown restrictions, Paige is so grateful for the time she spent in The Crayford Arms. As well as learning new skills she felt like a real part of the community in a time when many have felt more isolated and alone.

Similarly, Hannah Grozier, Operations Manager, has built friendships with people she otherwise would have never met. Hannah began working at Waitrose at the very start of lockdown in March last year. Having worked across all departments, Hannah has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Waitrose and the people she has met. It is this ‘can-do’ attitude that has been seen across so many of the our staff, and we are grateful to the many organisations that have kept them busy until our industry is climbing back onto its feet.



As well as finding part-time and temporary employment over the last year, many of the team have continued to support Moving Venue throughout. Whether packing boxes for virtual events, restrategising sales processes or re-organising warehouses, the entire team have been willing to help where they can which has been truly appreciated. One of the first examples of this was the charitable project – COOK-19. From the moment it became apparent our kitchen doors would need to temporarily close due to the devastating effects of COVID-19, we knew we wanted to make a lasting impression and use our resources to support a worthy cause. Over an eleven-week period we prepared and delivered over 50,000 meals to frontline workers. Many members of our furloughed team volunteered to prepare, pack and deliver these meals.  The amount of time our teams put into the COOK-19 project makes us incredibly proud. Hannah Grozier was one of the primary volunteers and has said the work was incredibly rewarding and extremely gratifying in such an uncertain time.

As we see a return to normality across many areas, the event’s Industry is ready and raring to go! We are seeing many venues at capacity for September and October which is phenomenal. With this in mind, our teams are slowly but surely making a return to work and many are itching to be back onsite dusting off their clipboard and radio, settling down for some delicious tastings catching up with sorely missed clients, venues, suppliers and industry friends. We are also recruiting for various new positions ahead of a busy period so do get in touch if you would like to join this resourceful and inspiring team!


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