Monday 22 April 2024

We've Been Going Green Together!

One year on from our Green Levy Launch!


Collectively, we’ve embraced sustainability with our ‘Going Green Together’ initiative, launched last Earth Day. Led by our dedicated team, the Green Smarties of Smart Group, this campaign introduced the innovative Green Levy, a 50p charge applied to all new business proposals since May 1st, 2023. This optional levy enables our clients to contribute to offsetting the carbon footprint of their events.

On Earth Day 2024, we’re excited to announce that 137 clients across our group have chosen to support this charge, showcasing a shared dedication to fostering a greener future. The total raised through the Green Levy stands at an impressive £27,184.50, contributed by the 55,000 guests we’re serving.

Green Smarties Tree Planting


Over the past year, in partnership with you, Smart Group has made a tangible impact both globally and locally, positively affecting the environment and improving lives.

Globally, we have created over 30,000 impacts through various initiatives, whether this be through site visit initiatives whereby we’ve automated our giving, or through B1G1’s engagement tool which allows tasting attendees to pick a cause, they’ve all added up! You can track our B1G1 impact in real time via our real time tracker.

Locally, we’ve participated in two carbon-offsetting activities: canoe litter picking and tree planting, supplemented by a donation to Rewilding Britain and volunteer days as chosen by individual Smarties.

The Green Levy represents one aspect of our offset pillar, the third pillar in our journey for change. We acknowledge that offsetting must synergise with both measure and reduce, our other pillars.


Smart Group is fully aligned with the Global Race to Zero campaign. Our aim is to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

To realise this vision, we pledge to annually reduce our group’s total carbon emissions and footprint by at least 5%. This commitment is supported by three pillars: measure, reduce, and offset.


We implement various policies to measure our environmental impact, utilising tools such as Chef’s Eye for food waste, TRACE for monitoring event carbon footprints, and Planet Mark for tracking transport and energy usage.

We know waste across the events industry is inevitable, but we’re determined to do the best with the waste we produce. Our waste management initiatives have delivered promising results. Across Evolution, Last Supper, and Moving Venue, 177 tonnes of general waste were converted into energy, powering local communities. Additionally, 26 tonnes of food waste were processed for anaerobic digestion, generating green energy and natural fertilisers for sustainable farming. We achieved an 8% reduction in waste diverted from landfills compared to 2022, resulting in a saving of 237.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing approximately 50 cars from the road for a year or planting 5,000 trees.

Moving Venue


Through education and proactive measures, we’re empowering our clients to reduce their environmental footprint. Our sales and planning teams offer advice on minimising food waste by favouring seated dinners and selecting sustainable, seasonal menu options. Soon, we’ll provide carbon footprint information for each dish on our menus, facilitating informed choices. Additionally, we’re implementing measures to discourage last-minute menu changes, as these often lead to additional deliveries and waste.

On the agency side of our business and at Evolution London, our teams are advising clients on how to reduce their impact, whether this be by advising on optimal transportation methods to reach the venue, and exclusively collaborating with suppliers who share similar sustainability credentials.

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