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26th February 2020

Agency Pancake Challenge

On the 25th February we hosted our annual Agency Pancake Challenge at Landing Forty Two.

On Shrove Tuesday 2020, some of our favourite Event Agencies were put to the test across four pancake challenges. The first, a classic - how many times can you flip a pancake in 30 seconds? - which proved to bring out the competitive edge in most guests! The second challenge was a taste test: our chefs created made-to-order crêpes and guests were able to add their own flavour toppings which included honey, peanut butter, maple syrup, cinnamon butter, of course lemon and sugar and many more. The chefs then gave a score of the best taste combination.

The third challenge tested guest’s presentation skills with a ‘build your own blini station’. With sauces such as cream cheese, pesto, cashew cream and horseradish, toppings including smoke salmon, cucumber, sweet potato, diced beetroot and mini quail’s eggs, and garnishes of pine nuts, basil, sliced chilli and chive, the possibilities were endless!

The fourth and final challenge allowed guests to design a creation on a classic American style pancake. The ‘If my agency were a pancake’ design challenge certainly saw some weird and wonderful creations using Smarties, Jelly Beans, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, piping bags filled with flavoured icing, candyfloss and edible rice paper emojis.

Some of the contenders at this year’s Pancake Challenge included Momentum, AOK Events, Eventify and GSP. This year’s winners were the fabulous Sharky and George, who walked away with the Grand Prize of four tickets to Villiers Club at Royal Ascot which is catered by our sister company Smart Hospitality. If you’re an agency and missed out on this year’s challenge, make sure you register early next year to have the chance of winning this fantastic prize! Thank you to all our wonderful agencies that were able to attend – we hope you had a brilliant time!


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