Relisted at the Roundhouse | Moving Venue
17th February 2020

Relisted at the Roundhouse

Following a competitive tender process, we are delighted to have successfully been relisted at the iconic Roundhouse.

Throughout our time working at the Roundhouse we have seen a diverse range of events take place within its wall. We've been fortunate to cater for the Nelson Mandela tribute gala, awards dinners for the likes of Attitude Awards and Wella, and a fashion show for Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.

When given the news of our re-listing, Hannah Pierce, Head of Commercial Strategy and Events for the Roundhouse commented ‘We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your team…and have been super impressed by your creativity, high quality of food and operational management, as well as great client service.’

As a team we are always excited to be back at the Roundhouse - we know we are always in for a fantastic evening, because the venue lends itself so well to high value production and entertainment during events. The images below clearly showcase the versatility of the space.

The Cruise Awards

Just a couple of weeks ago we catered for the Cruise Awards, which was a wonderful intimate evening somewhat more unusual for such a large space. However this dinner for 250 demonstrated that the Roundhouse is such a versatile venue, no matter the size and scale of your event! We very much look forward to another action packed year ahead.


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